Gastric Balloon(swallowable balloon)

Gastric Balloon Cost 2022

A gastric balloon is a medical-grade gastric balloon filled with saline that is placed in the stomach cavity and reduces appetite by occupying about a third of the volume of the stomach. In addition, with the gastric balloon in place, the stomach empties more slowly, which allows you to maintain a feeling of satiety for longer.

Inflation tube: unique to the gastric balloon

The unique retractable inflation tube allows the clinician to adjust the volume of the balloon while it remains in the stomach. These volume adjustments increase your chances of success with the balloon.

What to expect
Before gastric balloon insertion

To ensure maximum success, your doctor will determine exactly what preliminary examinations will be required in your case. The preliminary assessment may include any or all of the following: patient information profile, dietary assessment, psychological counseling, routine blood tests, chest X-ray, and ECG.

To prepare for the insertion, you will be advised to fast from midnight until the procedure.
Insertion of the gastric balloon

For most patients, the gastric balloon is administered during sedation unless there is a specific clinical reason to proceed otherwise. The gastric balloon is inserted endoscopically and placed in the stomach, then inflated with saline. You will be discharged and can return home within an hour.

The gastric balloon can be easily deflated and removed if necessary at any time.

Adjustment procedure

If you experience excessive or prolonged nausea, vomiting, or pain, the volume of the gastric balloon can be reduced through the adjustment procedure.
If your appetite increases, or weight loss stabilizes or stops, the volume of the gastric balloon can be increased with a corrective procedure.
The volume of the gastric balloon can be changed with a 15-minute endoscopy procedure. Preparation calls for a liquid diet for 3 full days prior to adjustment, followed by fasting from midnight the previous day. Adjustments will be made while you are under sedation. As with the insertion procedure, you will be discharged within an hour.

Removal technique

After 6 months, the gastric balloon will be removed by endoscopy, again with sedation. Preparation requires a liquid diet for 3 full days prior to the procedure, followed by fasting from midnight the day before. After removal, you will be discharged within an hour.
Risks and Complications

With any surgical or medical intervention, there will always be risks and some complications. Although many of them are very rare and every effort is made to reduce or prevent their occurrence, you must be fully aware of their existence in order to make an informed decision.

Among the risks: 

Nausea and vomitingbloatingpeptic ulcerDiarrheaReactions to sedationAspiration pneumoniaEsophageal/gastric perforationGastroesophageal refluxGastric balloon deflation and intestinal obstruction.

Post Insert 

During the first 3-5 days after the gastric balloon is inserted, you may feel discomfort and nausea. This will pass and every effort will be made to reduce these side effects. You will be given medicine to calm your stomach and relieve nausea. It is important to take the medicine before nausea occurs.For the first 3 days after insertion, you will start on a liquid diet only, gradually moving to a semi-solid diet. Within a week, you should be able to resume eating foods with a normal texture. Together with the gastric balloon, you will be included in the appropriate behavior modification program. Attending these classes, learning about the principles of behavior modification, and sticking to them are paramount to your weight loss success.

Intragastric Baloon(6 months) Cost 2022

Intra Gastric Balloon, popularly known as gastric balloon, is one of the effective methods applied to the treatment of obesity. It does not leave any permanent scars, does not require hospitalization, and can provide an average of 20-25 kg of loss. However, prom treatment is not permanent. It must be removed 6 months after it is inserted. Some patients can regain the weight they lost after the balloon is removed.