Gastric By-pass

Gastric By-pass in Turkey Cost 2022

What is Gastric By-Pass (R-YGB) surgery?
Laparoscopic Gastric By-Pass (R-YGB) surgery is the most common type of combined surgery. Gastric Bypass is one of the methods that draws attention with its successful results in bariatric surgery. With this surgery, while the stomach volume is reduced, the absorption of nutrients decreases because the path traveled in the small intestine is shortened. The part at the beginning of the stomach is separated from the rest, leaving about 30-50 cc. A part of the small intestines is also bypassed and connected to the newly formed smaller stomach. In this way, the patients reach the feeling of fullness quickly with much smaller portions. At the same time, the absorption of a significant part of the high-calorie foods taken is prevented. Effective and permanent weight loss is achieved with Laparoscopic Gastric By-Pass (R-YGB) surgery. Similar to volume-restricting surgeries, patients achieve a feeling of fullness quickly with much smaller portions due to the reduced new stomach pouches. Gastric By-Pass surgery can be recycled when necessary.