Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Costs 2022

Have you exhausted all the ways and possibilities like diet, exercise, pills and potions but still can’t lose weight? Are you ashamed of your weight and having trouble choosing clothes that fit you?

Is your weight having a negative effect on your overall health? If the answer to these questions is yes, you can consider tube stomach surgery in Turkey.

Gastric sleeve surgery – also commonly known as sleeve gastrectomy – is a weight loss surgery in which part of the stomach is removed, thereby reducing hunger and making weight loss possible.

More and more people are choosing bariatric surgery because of the many benign benefits bariatric surgery offers. If you’re eligible, sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Istanbul can help you lose weight, look and feel better, and improve your quality of life. After sleeve gastrectomy, patients can expect up to 70 percent weight loss.
Traveling abroad for weight loss surgery in Turkey can have many benefits beyond financial savings. Patients traveling from many countries to Turkey for bariatric surgery can avoid a long wait and tedious paperwork and pre-operative approvals.

Good Candidates for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery can be done to help you lose weight and reduce your risk of weight-related health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and infertility.

You may consider having gastric sleeve surgery in the following situations:

You have a BMI of 35 and above (obesity) and a serious health condition such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, or any weight-related health condition.

You are committed to making lifestyle changes to keep the weight off.
If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery, you should also change your lifestyle. You may need to follow long-term plans such as lifestyle, daily habits, monitoring of nutrition and health, exercise.

Before Tube Stomach Surgery

Before surgery, patients will need various tests and examinations to be provided by us and should follow a diet plan. 2 weeks before the surgery, our dieticians will contact you and start a diet. It is recommended not to smoke and stop taking blood thinners 2 weeks before the surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed in two ways in Istanbul. First, when eating, the small pouch or sac of the stomach fills with a small amount of food. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It is usually done laparoscopically and several small incisions are made.

The filling of this part of the stomach tells the brain that you have eaten a large amount of food. As a result, you feel satiated and comfortable with less food.

The reason why sleeve gastrectomy surgery is so successful is the removal of the part of the stomach that secretes the hormone Ghrelin, which is responsible for stimulating appetite.

Tube Stomach Diet After Surgery

After gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you must follow a strict diet that gives your body a chance to recover and adapt to a smaller stomach. Our dietitians will follow your diet for two years and guide you accordingly. And it will be there for you whenever you need it!

Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass
What are the obvious differences between the two weight loss surgeries?

In Turkey, sleeve gastrectomy is performed by surgical removal of the lateral part of the stomach, while the small tube is used to store food.

However, it does not bypass the intestines. The surgery also removes ghrelin, the hormone responsible for stimulating appetite. After surgery, patients easily feel full after consuming one to three ounces of food.

However, in gastric bypass Turkey, the stomach is also reduced in size and part of the small intestine is closed so that food bypasses it.

Then, a small or large incision is made in the abdomen and a new stomach pouch is created. As with gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass can make you feel full for a long time after eating a small amount of food.

The main difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve is that, as the name suggests, gastric bypass bypasses part of the digestive tract, whereas gastric sleeve does not.

Gastric sleeve surgery recovery
It may take two to eight weeks to recover from sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The exact time you will need to recover will depend on your body’s natural ability to heal quickly and how you follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions.

After your gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you may experience some discomfort that may last for a few days. Expect some tenderness and soreness at the incision sites as well as general tenderness in the stomach.

The doctor will prescribe certain medications to help ease the pain and ease the discomfort. It is important for bariatric surgery patients to understand the symptoms of dumping syndrome, a condition that occurs after weight loss surgery that can cause nausea, vomiting, fainting, and diarrhea.

It is also important to know that your energy level may drop for a while after sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey. This is mainly because your body consumes a lot of energy and resources to heal.

Also, your body will get used to a new diet, so you’re more likely to feel tired and slow at first. Over time, this will improve as your body adjusts to new dietary changes and it begins to absorb nutrients once again.

Gastric sleeve cost in Turkey

Turkey is the perfect near-home destination for weight loss surgery.

With its short flights and easy transportation, it is not surprising that Turkey is one of the popular obesity medical tourism destinations. Weight loss surgery centers in Turkey, known as centers of excellence, offer prices that are about half the price you would pay in your own country.

Patients coming to Turkey for sleeve gastrectomy surgery from abroad will be able to save up to 70% in bariatric surgery.

Some private health insurance companies cover weight loss surgeries, while others do not. And health insurance companies that cover bariatric surgeries require a long and tedious documentation process, proof of participation in weight loss programs.

Waiting lists can last as long as three to four years. During this time, obesity may worsen and serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease may develop. Many patients choose to go abroad rather than wait for weight loss surgery.

What Will My Weight Loss Journey Be Like?

You will have one time for gastric sleeve, you need to follow the instructions before the surgery and have a carbohydrate-free, high-protein and high-vegetable diet. Gastric sleeve surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours. Tube stomach patients should stay in the hospital for at least 3 days. Total stay in Turkey for surgery and follow-up is 7 days.

In the first month after surgery, patients will diet to readjust the stomach. After one to two months, patients can start eating regularly. After 2 months, patients will be able to gradually increase the amount they eat.

Benefits Gastric Sleeve

It helps treat type 2 diabetes.

Gastric sleeve surgery or any weight loss surgery can make a life-changing difference for people with type 2 diabetes. After weight loss surgery, blood sugar levels return to normal – because such patients may need less or no medication at all.

Scientific research shows that weight loss surgery allows patients to abstain from insulin or other additional medications for at least three years after surgery.

Improved heart health. Weight loss surgery reduces a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke, and peripheral heart disease. Many patients who underwent weight loss surgery experienced normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Better mental and emotional health. Many obese people have a negative self-image and low self-esteem. Even younger people who are overweight have trouble participating in activities they might enjoy. Losing excess weight can help you have a positive outlook on life and regain confidence.

It relieves sleep apnea. Maintaining a normal weight range often allows patients with sleep apnea to breathe and sleep easily, eliminating the need for a CPAP machine at bedtime.

Increases fertility. Weight loss surgery can increase your chances of conceiving and increase fertility in your childbearing years.