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Interesting about lipstick 

Lip filler;Plump, rounded and beautiful lips are the most important symbols of feminine aesthetics not only today, but when we look at a person’s face, the eyes are the focal point at the top of the face and the center of the room at the bottom. Chapter. Lips with attractive and expressive lines are an expression of sexual attractiveness, health and youth.

Reasons for needing lip material,
Some people have incredible lips. In addition, with age, the lips lose their attractiveness, like other parts of the face, and due to the loss of volume due to aging, the lips become lighter and thinner. In addition to all this, osteoporotic changes in the jaw bones that support the lips at the back and loss of tooth height also contribute to the downward sagging of the lips. Again, due to aging, hyperactivity of the muscles around the lips causes vertical lines to appear on the lips. When experiencing all these problematic situations, the corners of the lips begin to droop with the participation of some muscles when applying lip augmentation and cause a sad expression on the face.

Which products are used as lipstick?
Attractiveness is restored to the lips without loss of attractiveness and structural loss due to aging. This method is performed using dermal fillers and has a wide range of temporary or permanent fillers. If a wide range of materials are used to apply lip balm, fillers containing hyaluronic acid are the most beneficial product to get the best results for people’s needs.

What to do before stitching lips Before lip treatment,
it is necessary to discuss in detail the desired result between the doctor and the person who will perform the application in order to achieve the desired result. A week before the lip application, the use of medications and nutrients such as painkillers, omega-3s, green tea, vitamin E and aspirin will be discontinued, and the agony that may develop after the application will decrease. Apart from following the prescribed precautions, excessive bruising is not expected after applying the lip balm. Lip augmentation Prices 2022 You can contact us immediately for information on lip augmentation prices in 2022.