Liposuction & J-Plasma

Liposuction & J-Plasma in Turkey


Unlike invasive treatments such as traditional liposuction, the Vaser is completely non-invasive; in fact, it is considered the healthiest body shaping procedure. Liposuction with Vaser can be performed by anyone who has an accumulation of unwanted fat anywhere on the body, neck or double chin.

Liposuction with Vaser is an evolution of traditional liposuction. This is a high-resolution vaping technique that breaks down localized fat and instead of extracting it directly, as in the traditional technique, it breaks it down with heat, turning it into an oily liquid that is excreted by the body itself. As the fat dissolves, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, which contributes to the retraction of tissues, which is necessary so that the skin does not become flabby and crevices do not appear.


At the end of the first week, the patient will begin to feel pain relief. After three weeks, the tissues will heal.

After 48 hours, only 70 percent of the final result of this operation will be visible. A month after the procedure, most patients fully recover from it and after three months they will be able to see the final result, although this period will depend on the body area.


Recovery from liposuction is easier than other cosmetic surgeries because it is less invasive. This intervention, which lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours, requires a single suture to ensure that the scar is invisible after healing is completed. This feature makes the postoperative period less painful and with little discomfort.

Average procedure time: 1-3 hours
Recovery time: back to work after 2 weeks
Recommended stay procedure: 4 days


J – Plasma: Tightens and refreshes sagging skin with a minimally invasive surgical method that does not last long and does not leave significant surgical scars. J – Plasma application; Also known as Renuvion or J Plasty.

Researches show us that 89% of subjects reduced fine lines, wrinkles and improved tone and texture.

J-Plasma has no adverse effects, particularly no post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.