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Tattoo is the body of shapes on the skin surface formed by applying some temporary or permanent inks or ink-like different pigment substances on the skin via various machine and tools. Tattoos that have gotten for various purposes by different civilizations from past to present, reflect various philosophies, thoughts, racial and religious characteristics, and sometimes are gotten to increase aesthetic appearance in our day. Tattoos that are done by different types and colors of ink are applied on all parts of the body, and can be in different motif, writing, body or shapes.

These tattoos gotten willingly and fondly most of the time may become a situation that is required to be gotten rid of and may be turned back for people sometimes.

The treatment of tattoo removal can be performed by various methods, however in our day there is not any other method, technique or surgical alternative to be successful except the laser tattoo removal. What we don’t definitely suggest for patients except laser tattoo removal are the tattoo removal methods that are tattoo deletion removal by using chemical substances and agents, by having tattoo removal by surgery, surgical excision, and dermabrasionmechanical peeling. In all of these, a trace is left, burn may occur spottingis formed, and a worse result than the former may be gotten.

Laser Tattoo Removal

In tattoo removal treatment, other methods except Q Switched Nd Yag laser does not succeed and generally result in trace, spot, shade or burn spot. So, in our day laser tattoo treatment, laser tattoo removalis performed. The lasers used in tattoo removal treatment are the technological devices called Q Switched that can give certain amount of energy in a very short time like nanosecond, in other words in a short period as one trillionth of the second. In the tattoo removal treatment, the lasers appropriate to the type of tattoo are determined according to their wavelengths. When laser light in appropriare wavelength is used, the tattoo ink decomposes and blows out. The ink in other words pigment particles broken into very small pieces is removed out of the body by being carried and digested by the cells (macrophages).